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Refrigerated Display

For freezer display units such as ice cream display freezers, see Freezer Storage.

The Display chillers that we offer are for all catering uses from Sandwich Display units, Bottle Chiller units (see Bottle Coolers), Serve Over Counters, Cake Display units etc.

 Multi Deck Chillers: Available in different Sizes,
                                  Styles and Colours


 Dairy Produce Display Chiller Bottled Drinks Display Chiller

  Cake Display


Ice Cream Display

 Double door, all round glass Cake display unit. Available in single door, various colours and temperature options. Smallers counter top units also available Ice Cream serve over counters. Available in different styles, sizes and colours.

Small Counter Top Display Chillers
(available in different colours, sizes and styles for sandwich or other fresh food sales): 


 Small open chilled displaySmall closed chilled display 

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