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 Ice Machines

We deal with a variety of companies who specialize in Ice Machines such as Hoshizaki, Porkka and Whirlpool.

All three of these companies have various designs and sizes available. We can supply you with small counter top units with small Ice Bins or very large commercial units for such environments as labs or restaurants who have a large demand for Ice.

There is also a variety of machines which produce different shapes of Ice such as Cubed, Cylindrical or Crushed/Flaked.

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  Whirlpool Ice Machines:


 Whirlpool K20 (small design) Whirlpool K40 (large design)

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Hoshizaki Ice Machines:

Hoshizaki is a very well known and reliable make of ice machine. They have an extensive range of equipment to choose from.


 Hoshizaki smaller style range Hoshizaki Large Commercial unit

Interlevin Ice Machines:


 Without Legs (for counter-top standing) With Legs (for floor standing)

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