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Bakery Refrigeration

We offer a wide range of Bakery Refrigerators and Freezers from a variety of suppliers. As with all our products, If the items featured dont meet your needs then we are happy to help if you wish to contact us.

Storage Refrigerators & Freezers

       We offer a variety of Stainless Steel or White Goods Fridges and Freezers both with Single and Double door options. For more information on either of these, please see our Freezer Storage or Refrigerated Storage pages.

Dough Retarders and Retarder Provers
      There is a wide range of sizes on offer with both Dough Retarders and Retarder Provers. The best way for us to offer our services in this area is for you as a customer to ring us with the details and sizes that you need from a unit and we will do our best to bring you a competitive quote.

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