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We deal with a selection of coldroom dealers to allow us to access various designs, styles and sizes of coldrooms to bring our customers cool storage to meet there needs.

The best way for us to supply you with a coldroom is to visit you at your site and survey the area and space you have available to fit a coldroom in. Also, to assess the environment to see if you would need to have a remote, outdoor condensing unit/ chilled water unit or whether you could have a "fast-fix" back to back unit (where the condensing system is on the side of the coldroom).

For more awkward spaces we can have a coldroom designed to fit for you or if you have a reasonable open space we can supply you with more generic designs such as the Fosters Fast Fit Coldrooms (see below). Fosters and Porkka are two of the leading commercial coldroom dealers which is why we use them for reliability and service.

We also deal with all coldroom shelving and racking.

Fosters Fast Fit:                                                       Porkka Combi Range:


 Foster Fridge / Freezer with wall mounted condensing unit

Water cooled remote condensor (for use when coldroom is in warm location)
Various different sizes available from:
        1.2m Depth x 1.8m Width x 2.1m Height

up to and including (in various combinations of size):
        1.8m Depth x 3.0m Width x 2.1m Height

Porkka Fridge and Freezer combination unit with wall mounted fridge condensor and ceiling mounted freezer condensing unit

Remote conding units (for use when insufficient ventilation available to unit)
Various different sizes available from:
              0.9m Depth x 1.2m Width x 2.1m Height
up to and including (in various combinations of size):
3.6m Depth x 3.036m Width x 2.44m Height

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